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Aims of Handicaching

The typical cache rating allows for one to five stars for terrain. It is suggested by the Geocache Rating System that one star is used for caches that are wheelchair accessible. This idea is flawed in several ways and this site aims to address those flaws. Flaws of this system include:

Attempting to rely on the fact that a one star cache should be accessible to some degree often turns into dissapointment for many disabled geocachers. With your help we aim to improve this situation by providing specific accessibility information for caches. We aim to:

Who Are We?

We are a group of people with the same aims. Together we devised everything you see on this web site, and continue to help promote our aims of including more disabled people in Geocachng

If you have suggestion for improving the site and services with offer, please contact us.

Conditions of Use

We will not be liable to any member of the public for any information supplied on this website. This website is provided on an "as is" basis and we do not make any representations or warranties if such information subsequently proves to be inaccurate or out of date. We cannot be held liable for any consequential loss resulting from the information we provide.

Any decision made in relation to seaking a cache as a result of information obtained from this site is your sole responsibility. The only warranty that we can give regarding the accuracy of the information is to state that all reasonable endeavours are made to remove inaccurate information from the site as soon as we are able.

The service we offer is to allow volunters to rate caches for accessibility. This site and/or guide is to be used only as a tool in helping identify accessible caches.

Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement is very simple. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We collect any rating information that you enter. In addition we collect any login information that you supply to create a login account on the forums. All information requested is optional. You can choose to not enter any ratings or register on the forums, if you desire.

We use any rating information you enter to display on this site in an effort to promote greater accessibility for disabled geocachers. All rating information you enter is publically available for the benefit of other visitors. We may distribute the rating information entered to other related websites to help our aims stated on this web site. Forum login information is not shared with any third parties.


We would like to thank for following people and organizations for their support with this project:

Embedded Systems Academy, Inc.
For donating web hosting services.

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