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About Handicaching
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Handicaching aims to improve the accessibility of Geocaching for disabled people all over the world.

By rating caches using a simple system, disabled geocachers can quickly find the caches they are able to do. Too often a 1 star or 2 star rated cache turns out to be impossible, causing dissapointment. Our ratings aim to avoid that.

You can help by taking a few moments to quickly rate the caches you have visited!

For disabled geocachers we also provide tools and resources to find caches with ratings, find out what caches you will likely be able to do and a quick reference guide to the rating system.

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How You Can Help

Use this site to rate all the caches you have visited! Rating a cache takes only a few moments and no personal information is required. The rating for a cache is generated by answering a few simple questions. Add links to the ratings in your log entries.

Rate the caches you have hidden and put the rating clearly on the cache page, with a link to this site. This helps increase awareness of this service for other geocachers and makes your cache more accessible.

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Link to us using our button or graphics. This also helps to increase awareness of our service. Let us know you have added a link and we will add a reciprocal link.

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Disabled? Find Ratings, Decode Ratings and More!

Find ratings for any cache! Either search by waypoint or download our utility to add our ratings to your GPX file

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Have a rating sucn as H15241 and want to know what it means? Decode it here.

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Find your own rating so you can quickly compare cache ratings and see if you might be able to do them!

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Print out our handy dandy quick reference guide to the rating system. Use it to quickly find out what a cache rating means!

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